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UFC232 Betting Tips & Plays

Chad Mendes Breakdown: This is a massive step up for Alex Volkanovski and also on newspaper seems to be a bad matchup. Both fighters are nicely rounded and shine with their wrestling bases. On the toes the speed and power advantage for Mendes ought to be obvious, where he’ll use his bigger assortment of techniques to inflict the more damaging strikes. Volkanovski relies on his wrestling, especially top control in order to gain an advantage. Mendes is the better wrestler both offensively and defensively, never been removed in his UFC career. Volkanovski was taken down in the past by much lesser fighters, although he’s obviously improving with experience. The durability and layoff questions are the chief reasons we’re getting such great chances on the veteran. It seems to be a clear choice considering he seemed on the scales in prime shape. This fight will be action packed and it’s Mendes with more resources to find the finish or stand up damage and control to impress the judges.
Bet = Mendes at 1.70 (-143) chances. Risk 4 Units to win 2.8 Units.
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